About updates, support and releases:

Debian updates and support for its stable versions is 3 years of full support and 2 extra years, LTS (Long Term Support).

The current stable version, Debian 10 (buster), was released on July 6, 2019, and therefore she and Auxtral 2 (antares) are expected to receive support and updates until July 2022, and then LTS support until July 2024, which will surely be support and mainly security updates.

The release of versions has been regularly every 2 years, so Debian 11 (bullseye) will surely be released between June and July 2021, and if everything goes well Auxtral 3 (Alasephina) will do it simultaneously.

Auxtral is a project whose main objective is to spread the virtues and advantages of "free software" and the GNU / Linux operating system, and mainly Debian, which is considered by many to be the best OS distribution.

It consists of a careful selection of software on a Debian "base system", specially designed for users of other OS, mainly proprietary, so that they can experience at least an approach to GNU / Linux and free software in general

GNU / Linux user since 2010, the idea arose at the end of 2016 when I was using SolydXK, more precisely SolydX, as a default distribution both on my personal and work PC, an excellent OS based on the "stable" version Debian Gnu / linux with XFCE desktop, which uninstalled and installed the Cinnamón desktop instead, to later customize it to my liking. From this experience it occurred to me to make a customized system with the "debootstrap" tool, on top of the mentioned Debian base system, some SolydXK tools available in their repositories, edition of some cinnamón themes, interface themes and icons. Given the functionality achieved and the appearance of the system, I thought about the feasibility of sharing it with all users, and trying to interest those who use other operating systems, as I said before.

After a time of comings and goings, just in August 2018 I published the first ISO image of Auxtral 1, (ushuaia) called "auxtral-ushuaia-f0118.iso", until the last one in November of the same year, "auxtral-ushuaia- f1115.iso ".

For a totally unknown one-person job and its complicated positioning in Google searches and other web search engines, the 167 image downloads in the period "August 2018 - March 2019", seemed to me an achievement, with which I felt I agree and encouraged me to publish "Auxtral 2" (antares) based on Debian 10 (buster).

I hope you find it a pleasant experience to navigate the pages of this site, as well as interesting and productive for those who decide to download the Auxtral 2 ISO and try it.

Thank you.

Guillermo E. Sosa

San Nicolás - Bs. AS. - Argentina