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B) Software distribution and its ISO image



I. From packages coming from Debian

a) All software packages included in the distribution called "Auxtral 2 (Antares)", whose ISO images are named:

"auxtral_2.5-cinnamon-103080820_amd64.iso" and "auxtral_2.5-xfce-033080820_amd64.iso", except those specified below "II. From Other Sources" packages, come from the "main" section of the "official Debian Buster repositories", and are therefore distributed under the same license terms as Debian does for each of them .

b) The list of them is found in the file "package.txt" included in the root of the ISO image.

c) The "source code" of the packages is obtained by executing the command:

$ apt-get source package-name

For example, to obtain the source code of "VLC" we execute:

$ apt-get source vlc

II. From Other Sources Packages

1) balena-Etcher:

1.a- Distributed as "Appimage" downloaded from official sitel , URL:

1.b- It is distributed under the same license as its creators do: Apache 2.0

1.c- The software is distributed "without modification", and its "source code" is available at URL:

1.d- Installation folder in the system: /opt/etcher/


2) solydxk-system:

2.a- Installed with "apt" from its official repository: deb solydxk-10 main upstream import

2.b- It is distributed under the same license as its creator (Arjen Balfoort): GPL versión 3, 29 de junio de 2007

2.c- The original "source code" is available at URL:

2.d- In Auxtral 2 (Antares) some configuration files have been changed and / or edited, since the application overwrites the / etc / default / grub and / usr / lib / os-release files, among others, during its installation.

2.e- Modifications are available in the directory /usr/share/auxtral-mod/auxtral/solydxk/ of the system.


3) Brave-browser

3.a- Installed with "apt" from your official repositoryl: deb [arch=amd64] bionic main

3.b- It is distributed without modifying its source code under the same license as its owner.: MPL 2.0

3.c- The source code is available at the URL:

3.d- Installation folder on the system: /opt/brave/


4) XFCE 4.14

4.a- Xfce 4.14 not available in the "Debian repositories" of the "stable" distribution" (buster)

4.b- Installed with "apt" from the MX-Linux distribution repository: deb [trusted=yes] buster main

4.c- It is distributed under license: GNU / GPL



5) Mintinstall

5.a- Installed with "apt" from the official LMDE 4 repository (debbie): deb debbie main upsteam import

5.b- Is distributed under license: GPL V3

5.c- Source code in:

A) From this website


1) The contents in which the source is explicitly cited or specified.

2) The images where logos, isotypes, brands, software names and / or wallpapers are shown that are not their own (easily identifiable by the presence of the logo or the name of Auxtral).

3) The images showing hardware objects, since these are not the property of the Administrator of Auxtral, and therefore, for their use, you should contact their owners or authors directly, or close their licenses.













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