I. Scope

The Website whose URL is http://www.auxtral.com.ar, hereinafter the "Website", is maintained and made available free of charge to all Internet users, hereinafter the "user" or " users "by its owner before NIC Argentina, Guillermo E. Sosa, hereinafter the" Administrator ". It is hosted on the ToWebs servers, hereinafter the "Hosting Service".

The main purpose of the Website is the promotion and dissemination of GNU / Linux platforms and Free Software; for this purpose, "Auxtral", currently in version "2", whose code name is "Antares", distribution based on the Debian GNU / Linux operating system, version "10", code name is distributed through it "Buster"; with the purpose of serving as a tool to know these systems by users who are interested in them.

The use of the Website presupposes full acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policies, so the user is recommended to read them carefully, prior to browsing.


II. Modification of terms and validity

The Administrator may alter the conditions of these terms at any time, without prior communication, and the continued use of the Website means acceptance of those changes.


III. Responsibility

The Administrator is not responsible for damages and losses that arise in relation to the consultations or visits made to the Website.

The Administrator cannot guarantee that the transmission of information by users is completely secure, therefore they themselves assume this risk.

The user agrees to:

  • Do not try to access restricted data or try to violate the security barriers to reach them.
  • Do not search for vulnerabilities or exploit them for any purpose.
  • Do not disclose information about the detection of vulnerabilities found on the Website.
  • Send information on vulnerabilities detected on the Website to contacto@auxtral.com.ar


The user accepts the privacy policies.


IV. Responsibility limitation

The Administrator does not guarantee that the content of the Website is accurate, complete, current or free of technical or typographical errors.

The Administrator reserves the right to make changes and / or updates to any information contained on the Website without prior notice.

The Administrator is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use, or the inability to use the Website or any of the linked sites, or download of any information, data, text, image, video, audio, software or other materials. accessible through it.

The Administrator does not guarantee that the functions contained in the Website will be free of interruptions in the service or free of error, nor does it guarantee immediacy in the correction of defects.

The Administrator reserves the right, at its own discretion and without obligation, to make improvements or correct any errors or omissions in any of the published content.

The Administrator is not responsible for the improper use made by users of the contents of the Website; Contents being understood as all information, data, text, image, video, audio, software or other multimedia materials accessible through it



V. Links

The Website may contain links to other websites operated by other administrators, which are not maintained or controlled by the Administrator of Auxtral, and consequently, he is not responsible for their content or availability.

The installation of these links is for the sole purpose of facilitating users to search for content and services available on the Internet, as well as access to information. The establishment of the link does not imply the existence of relations between the Website or its Administrator and the owner of the web page to which the link is established, nor the acceptance and approval by the Administrator of its contents or services.

As a general policy regarding links, the Administrator does so by "presuming" the inexistence of inappropriate material at the destination.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, the Administrator does not offer or market by itself or through third parties the information, content and services available on the linked sites or pages, nor does it previously control, approve, monitor or make them its own.

The Administrator does not assume any responsibility regarding the accuracy of the content, compliance with the rules on copyright, the legality or decency of the content or the services that the user can access on said pages.

The Administrator will also not assume any responsibility for any content, products, services, advertising, or any other material available therein.

For what is described in the preceding paragraphs, the user must verify for himself the Use Policy of each linked website.


VI. Property rights

VI.a) The Website Administrator wants to respect the property rights of the authors, therefore, the inclusion of material on the Website such as images and other content on it has been treated with special care.

Even so, in the event that you consider that the publication of any of these contents violates your rights, you must:

1) Contact the Administrator through the email "contacto@auxtral.com.ar".

2) Identify yourself personally.

3) Clearly indicate what the "alleged" illegal activity is, make a precise and concrete description of the content that it considers protected and violated, indicate its exact location within the Website, and justify its ownership or binding relationship with that content.

VI.b) The contents of the Website owned by the Administrator can be used according to what is specified in the URL: "http://www.auxtral.com.ar/english/licencias.html" under the title: "A) Of this website".


VII. Conflict resolution, jurisdiction and legal domicile

The relationship between the Administrator and the users through the Website is based on the principles of good faith and cordiality in attention to the purposes pursued. If controversies arise in relation to the interpretation or implementation of these conditions of use, they will try to solve them by mutual agreement, that is, outside a court. If they persist, they will submit to the jurisdiction of the National Courts of this Country, Argentine Republic, expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction or jurisdiction.

The Administrator establishes his legal domicile at: Calle Ameghino nº 42 of the City of San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic.-


For any questions related to this document, please contact via email:


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